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Welcome to Paris Texas Rotary

The Oldest Club in District 5830

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Paris Jr. College Student Center Ballroom
2400 Clarksville Street
Paris, TX  75460
United States
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Polio Is almost finished

(WPV Type 3) ALMOST ERADICATED!! Last Case, 2012 (3 years ago)!
Nigeria removed from the list of polio-endemic countries. Last case 2014

   Click Here to see Latest Report




Maybe they’ve seen a need in our community and wondered how they could help. Maybe they want to use their professional skills to help others — or even learn new skills. Maybe they’re seeking connections with other service-minded professionals in our community or abroad. 

Two Hands

Whatever their reason, joining Rotary can help them achieve these goals, and so much more. 

Community service

 “Being a Rotarian means serving your community, networking, making friends, and building international relationships.”
— Mercy Bannerman, Rotary Club of Accra-Airport, Ghana


 “Rotary creates the perfect venue for me to give back to the community I live in while enjoying the camaraderie of positive and active individuals.”
— Tom Brand, Rotary Club of Kenosha West, Wisconsin, USA


“Rotary is a tremendous network. Leaders in the community can connect and reach out to people in need.”
— Russel Honoré, Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


 “Rotary provides an environment for developing strong friendships and business relationships.”
— Pete Sinsky, Rotary Club of Kenosha West, Wisconsin, USA

Leadership skills

 “Leadership is a key focus of Rotary. Through Rotary, you have the opportunity to expand your leadership skills and achieve your goals.”
— Norma Madayag-Reilly, Rotary Club of Newark, New York, USA


 “A week doesn't go by that I don't learn something new from the speaker at our club or just from working on projects with people. It's an opportunity to grow indefinitely.”
— Stephen Brown, Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle, California, USA

International service

 “I've become much more internationally focused, and understand that there's so much more I can do as part of a bigger whole than I could ever do on my own.”
— Toni McAndrew, Rotary Club of Mid-Valley (Dickson City), Pennsylvania, USA


 “If you truly want to give back to the community – and to the world at large – you join Rotary. It has an arm that reaches across all barriers. To be part of that is very powerful.”
— Aruna Koushik, Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada


 “Every Rotary club in the world, no matter how big or small, has one thing in common: friendship. And it's from this base of friendship that we serve our community.”
— Kemal Attilâ, Rotary Club of Ankara-Tandogan, Turkey


 “I found a fellowship where every nation, every color, all of humanity can be like a family. I've got a place where I can serve my people and serve the world.”
— Ailinda Sawe, Rotary Club of Dar-es-Salaam-Mzizima, Tanzania


 “We want families with children to join Rotary, so we try to be very flexible. Family commitments always take precedence.”
— Wendy Scammell, Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest, Newfoundland, Canada


 “For me, Rotary is a way of life – one that my husband and I have lived our whole lives.”
— Julia Gereda de Carlin, Rotary Club of Monterrico-Surco, Peru

Opportunities for young people

 “There's so much diversity in the work Rotary does. It can give you exposure to so many different areas and help you find what your interests really are.”
— Andrea Tirone, Rotaract Club of University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


 “A great tool Rotary has is its educational programs. I was an exchange student (Rotary Youth Exchange) in Switzerland in high school. That’s how I got involved and what made me want to give back.”
— Jorge Aguilar, Rotaract Club of Chicago, Illinois, USA




Its that time of year again, recipe for those great pretzels that Susan uses: 

Spicy Pretzels

1 lb bag pretzels twist
1 cup Canola oil
1 pkg Ranch dip mix
1 to 3 tbsp crushed red pepper (I used 2 tbsp)

Put pretzels into gallon size sealable plastic and bag; set aside.  Then blend oil, ranch dip mix and desired amount of pepper.  Pour into bag with pretzels.  Seal bag and turn several times to coat pretzels.  

Turn over every 15 minutes until all liquid absorbed about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  Pour pretzels onto wax paper or foil until dry.    NOTE:  For faster drying, place pretzels on foil lined baking sheets and put in oven at 250 for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Five years since its debut, Rotary Club Central is getting a big upgrade
When we introduced Rotary Club Central in 2012, it revolutionized goal tracking and planning for clubs and districts — no more filling out paper club-planning forms or passing along boxes of historical club information every time a new leader took office. Rotary Club Central offered clubs and districts a quantifiable way to begin measuring local and global impact, specifically membership initiatives, service activities, and Rotary Foundation giving. But as with any technological advancement, in a few short years, Rotary Club Central began to show its age, and Rotarians took notice. They...
Rotary International Board adopts new zone structure
At its January 2017 meeting, the Rotary International Board of Directors adopted a new zone structure for Rotary clubs. Rotary bylaws require the Board to complete a comprehensive review of the 34 Rotary zones no less often than every eight years to ensure that each zone has an approximately equal number of Rotarians. The Board’s previous review of the zones occurred in 2008. The Board earlier approved the creation of three regional workgroups to develop rezoning proposals for Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas. These workgroups comprised one representative (either a current director,...
Centennial celebration honors 20 noteworthy global grant projects
Through The Rotary Foundation, Rotary members have supported thousands of projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies. We’ve also led the fight to eradicate polio worldwide. As part of our celebration of the Foundation’s centennial, we’re honoring 20 global grant projects with special recognition. Learn more about the projects using our interactive map.
Convention: Southern hospitality
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